USBloader WiiFlow - Changelog

USBloader WiiFlow - Changelog

Messaggioda wasabi » 11 nov 2010, 16:51

Il topic è stato bloccato per cui sarà possibile solo leggere il suo contenuto ed effettuare il download delle varie release. Se avete bisogno di informazioni o dovete fare richieste di aiuto siete pregati di aprire un nuovo topic in merito almeno che l 'argomento non sia già stato trattato.

Changelog wiiflow 2.1
Dalla r86 wiiflow è passato alla v2.1 per cui analizziamo i vari changelog

changelog r86
*Release 2.1

changelog r87
Wiiflow 2.1 release.
Updater fully functional and has hosting.
Fix reported bugs since 2.0.
Ability to sort games by 4 different settings, Press B+Down
Ability to switch partition by Pressing B+Up in main screen.
More fixes and small additions.

changelog r88
*Ability to delete cheat txt files by holding 1+2 in cheat menu
*Add page 5 to game settings
*Add option to set Debugger type in game settings
*New lang string "gecko"
*Removed some game settings from ini if they are default
*Change System Button to say Update

changelog r89
*Fixed downloader bug sometimes DL wrong version.
*Wiiflow now exits after successful update to boot new version.
*Add release and beta macros to makefile, and independant bash scripts for them.
*Edit default.ini to increase performance.
*Update versions.txt

changelog r90
ugh, error in release script, updated versions to reflect.

changelog r91
I got sick of it, the setting of paths seemed unfriendly on a fresh install, and the settings seemed
It will now boot up no matter what and always create a wiiflow.ini if there isnt one. No problems
booting from all SD, there is nothing to edit. It also boots faster this way.

*wiiflow will now detect your boot.dol and look in the same folder for wiiflow.ini, if it is not
found there it will not look anywhere else, it will be created there. its that simple.

*language.ini and titles.ini will be read also from the same folder as wiiflow. It will not look
anywhere else.

*Data directories will be created on the same drive your boot.dol is located in drive:/wiiflow, to
have boot.dol on one drive (say SD) and data folders on another (USB) set data_on_usb=yes.

THE ONLY TIME you need to modify something is if you want data and dol on seperate drives.

To make your setup work with this just put your ini's in apps/wiiflow and your data dirs in
and set the paths in wiiflow.ini. I know this seems stupid to change this but we need static paths
and it was creating a massacre on the updater.

changelog r92
Stupid typos screwing up my release zzzz.

changelog r93
Add playlog writing from uLoader, must return to system menu from game and not autoboot with
priiloader (I think)
*Reduce excessively large buffers for every download operations.
*Free those buffers after they are done being used.

changelog r94
Modify the playlog code some and disable it until I can make it show the game name right.

changelog r95
Fixed playlog writing and re-enabled it. Shows proper name and time now, but requires returnto to
be off in wiiflow, and autoboot/return to in priiloader set to wii menu

changelog r96
*Begin moving controls to their own file.
*4 Wiimotes &nunchucks working in wiiflow (IR pointer incomplete, everything else working)
*Shutdown all wiimotes on exit.
*Fix some buffers
*Stop game banner sound when moving/scrolling coverflow in game coverflow until motion stops.

changelog r97
One step closer to 4 pointers. this IS NOT a release!

changelog r98
All 4 wiimote pointers working, still a little buggy.
THIS IS NOT A RELEASE! Just saving my work b4 I screw it up.

changelog r99
*Added Basic Wired Guitar, Classic Controller, and Nunchuck Controls (no pointer controls)
*4 Pointers work for wiimotes(Buggy pointers)
*Increase optimization level to 5
*Move more code from the menu's to _mainLoopCommon and menu_input.cpp
*Crude button mapping in btnmap.h, to be replaced with proper mapping later.

-Rewrite CCursor functions to work with 4 pointers
-Rewrite button manager to handle 4 pointers.
-Map *already scanned* GCPad buttons

changelog r100
*Forgot to add btnmap.h to local repository*

changelog r101
*4 GCPads support (no ir w/ analog yet)
*4 wiimotes with nunchucks/classic controller support (still need to rewrite the mouse management,
will vibrate if one wiimote has pointer on a button and another is on screen but not selecting a
button, no IR with right stick yet)
*Proper button mapping
*Fix return to main coverflow from categories
*Fix About menu bug

changelog r102
*Multi inputs/controller types complete for now.
*Different pointers for each wiimote
*fix showing/hiding of zones
*Only lowest number wiimote pointer is shown for now(if player1 pointer is on screen all others are
hidden, if player2 pointer is on screen 3 and 4 are hidden.) Until the m_btnMgr.mouse and m_cf.mouse
can support 4 pointers.
*Cleaned up some more code.

changelog r103
void r103(u32 pwn)
*Parental lock takes immediate effect after setting code, without needing reload;
*Fix to stop auto left scrolling if a wiimote extension is removed in coverflow;
*Fix to stop unintentional launch or coverflip with b button when leaving game settings;
*Some other small improvements;

changelog r104
*Small adjustments:
-wiimote button A = classic button A = guitar GREEN
-wiimote button B = classic button B = guitar RED
-wiimote button 1 = classic button Y = guitar BLUE
-wiimote button 2 = classic button X = guitar YELLOW
-no repeat in menu's for the dpad left/right

*RED+GREEN is launch a game
*b+a on classic launches a game
*B+A on GCpad launches a game

changelog r105
*Finished remove left/right repeat from other menu pages.
*Fixed so music doesnt stop when going in game selected view.
*Start adding gc/wii disc booting.
*Contains Known bug with erasing parental code.

Make analogs operate as analogs, instead of digital

changelog r106
*GC and Wii Disc Launching added.
-When disc is inserted an extra icon will appear next to the channels button (gc untested as of yet)
-returnto, wip, cheats, bca, alt dol, everything is patched in launching a game disc, but it is not
edittable by gui yet.

**This button will break other themes possibly, they will need updated.

changelog r107
*Add a main buttons zone3 at the request of the themers.
userlabels 1,2 on mainzone 1
3,4 on mainzone 3
and 5,6 on mainzone 3
channels on zone 2, disc icon on zone 3

changelog r108
Missed changing button tag for animation on DVD button.

changelog r109
Fix 001 patch so darkcorp/drive chip isnt needed to launch wii games.
More refined disc buttons in the main gui

changelog r110
*Fix crash when GC controllers are connected (forgot to init the pads and then scanned for button
presses LOL)

changelog r111
Small typo, coverflow movement delays also fixed with these 2 revs.

changelog r112
*Classic pad right stick works for pointer with speed based on how far you press the stick.
*Clean up and prepare for other controller features.

-TODO: GCPad analogs, add speed sensitivity to nunchuck, guitar and left classic stick

changelog r113
*Some bugfixes related to pointers.

changelog r114
*HotFix (Does this look like Windows xp yet?)

changelog r115
*Add GCPAD mouse and coverflow by analogs.
*Swap left and right sticks.
*Fix some minor bugs.
-TODO: Smooth out classic pointer so it can go 8 directions instead of 4 (converting to radians

changelog r116
Smooth mouse on wiimote extensions (goes diagonal now too)
*Fix buttons not showing in game menu when using mouse for gc/wiimote extensions.
*Change Guitar joystick to be mouse.
*Fix mem2 bug (Dimok)
*Tweak category names

changelog r117
*Games start again now when no pointer is on screen and you press A
*Attempt at making absolutely sure wiiflow.ini gets loaded every time
*Pressing B on gcpad/others works to exit about menu now.
*After checking for updates, cheats/covers downloads work now.
*Some fixes for threads that were created but never closed in titles, covers, and updates
downloads(Thx for explaining it all to me Dimok)
*Fixes in where/how i was releasing data (again thx to the conversation with Dimok)
-Lag when scrolling covers occasionally, wth makes this happen randomly?(Last checked it was good in
-If wiiflow.ini is oversized and language.ini is present possibly gamelist will not load (happened
in many previous versions)

changelog r118
Fix incorrect map to click the update button.
*Stop updater from showing a different selected version each time you go into the menu.

changelog r119
*Fix for HBC cover in Channel view. No need to change anything as long as you have JODI.png

changelog r120
*Fix compiler warning related to number too large for "long" type
*Clean up some annoyingly hard to read code in menu.cpp (I shouldnt have wrote it like that before)
and use stat() to see where boot.dol is rather than ifstream because its less code, safer, and
*m_dataDir is now drive:/wiiflow, m_appDir is now drive:/apps/wiiflow

changelog r121
*Add Screenshot feature, Z button on any GCPad will save a screenshot in apps/wiiflow/
*Removed settings option "Search Mode" (next added button will go here, or will be rearranged) it is
no longer needed with the new layout.
*Change button layout:
-B+UP is now search by previous alphabet letter
-B+DOWN is now search by next letter
-B+RIGHT is next page
-B+LEFT is previous page
-B+MINUS is cycle selected partition
-B+PLUS is cycle sorting types (NOTE: Using B+UP/DOWN will set sorting to alpha)

*Fix a bug where sorting would crash wiiflow if titles.ini is not present.
*Further cleaning of the ini loading and paths detection.
*Changed some types of some variables (should be more to follow) so they are restricted to
acceptable ranges and use less space in memory.

changelog r122
*Move screenshots into the data dir under a folder called screenshots, and named them as mm-dd-yy-
*Add channels button and dvd launch button to screen that shows if you have no game installed. (may
require small adjustment in sizes of the 2 big-arse buttons there in themes!!) The dvd/channel
buttons are direct from menu_main, so no need for modifying them.

changelog r123
*Fix userlabels when gamelist is empty.
*Add global fanart options for wiiflow.ini
-"disable_fa" will disable fanart globally
-"disable_fa_scaa" will disable show cover after animation globally.
-"disable_fa_hidecovers" will disable the hidecovers option globally.

changelog r124
-added Gameinfo menu for Wiitdb (needs to be in same directory as boot.dol)
-added setTexture()
-added additional setText() function for scrolling through text blocks

changelog r125
[No log message]

changelog r126
-Replaced some modifications lost due to Hulk's commit

changelog r127
Add camera shutter sound when taking screenshots.

changelog r128
Split languages into seperate files to use less memory.

changelog r129
-added GameID Label in Gameinfo Window (GAMEINFO/GAMEID)
-deleted unneeded images and added one
-added Translations see line 275-279 in menu_gameinfo.cpp (gameinfo1,2,3,4,5)
-changed Optimization option in makefile to -Os=Optimize for size (-O5 does not exist) use "make
clean" before recompiling !

changelog r130
little fix loaded gamecube controller image instead of the microphone

changelog r131
**NOTE: The changes in this commit are not completely tested and may cause issues. Report them ONLY
on the irc directly to me and i will fix it is its an ini related bug due to this commit. This
commit WILL require either manually splitting up your ini's or erasing them and starting from

*remove "insertnamehere" option.
*Move all ini's except wiiflowini to drive:/wiiflow/settings/
*Create categories.ini, gameconfig1.ini, and gameconfig2.ini to break down wiiflow.ini and free up
some memory. Each is only loaded when it needs to be and and is unloaded when its not needed. Some

Categories, favorites, and adult settings are much easier with this setup also. It will be simpler
to write a pc app to assist in this now.

changelog r132
bad case sensitive!

changelog r133
*249 rev17 should work fine with wiiflow now, without setting partition manually!

changelog r134
*FAT1 is now default on first boot instead of WBFS1 to help in initial HDD detection (WBFS has no
issues being detected so this wont hurt WBFS installs)
*Remove languages.ini and rename chinese language files.
*Fix selected language not saving.
*Fix showing "GENERAL" in the language selection button instead of default.

changelog r135
Change gameconfig1.ini some, see for details under configuration/gameconfig1.ini

changelog r136
-hiding GameID in synopsis window
-changed MEM2_init() back

changelog r137
Updated libntfs to NTFS3G 8.8.2010
*Reimplement frag to libntfs
*Installing games to NTFS working, but has been disabled for now until further testing.
*Various movements in the ini's and reorganization.
*Fix a bug in ios reload settings saving.

NOTE: rev17 of 249 gave me the discset_usb error again, but that patch is still in place. I'll
debug it another time.

*Added Compiles folder and updated and
*Some other stuff im sure i forgot.

changelog r138
*Remove unused code.
*Add titlesdump.ini, which dumps the games list and channels list (id = name) to file for the
It is automatically created the first time you start wiiflow and dumps the first time you go into
the channel and games views. It may be redumped by changing the 2 wiiflow.ini lines "dump_gamelist"
and "dump_chanlist" to yes.

This will allow us to make perfectly tailored xml files (seperate ones for games and channels), and
do all of the main customization settings like categories, favorites, hidden games, adult games,
titles, etc, all from 1 app with check boxes and drop down boxes.

Setting up a completely customized wiiflow will take only a very short time and should use less
memory than before with settings made by this new app (Coming soon from mgrimminator)

changelog r139
-added Wiinner Tag support add in wiiflow.ini under [GENERAL] use_wiinnertag=1 to enabled it btw 0
to disable and wiinnertag_key=YOURUSERKEY

changelog r140
* Moved or WiiTDB.xml to Settings folder (/wiiflow/settings)
* Altered the method of loading WiiTDB. The first time, starting up might take some time, it'll
create a .DB and .IDX file

TODO: Check modified dates on xml or zip file, to detect a newer version.

changelog r141
* Removed wiinnertag functionality as it was
* Added gamercard provider methods, with two default providers (NCard and Wiinnertag)

TODO: Launch a thread for network initialization when has_enabled_providers() == 1

changelog r142
*Fixed favorites, hidden and adult.

changelog r143
* Fixed gamercard (buffer holding the key was not big enough)
* Removed gprintf's from game loading (apploader and patchcode)
* Added progressbar for creating wiitdb database
* Added checks for updated wiitdb.xml and
* If you have no WiiTDB database, + won't work anymore
* Added background and userlabels to category screen
* Added asynchronous network initialization (used for faster gamecard registration)
* Added titles.ini generation from wiitdb.xml

changelog r144
* Fixed WiiTDB progressbar (thank you lustar, for adding the game count to wiitdb.xml)
* Added WIIWARE=TRUE to the WiiTDB.xml url
* Cleaned up xml.c a bit (for generating the .db and .idx file)
* Fixed game info screen not working after restart.

changelog r145
*Initial changes to support full ntfs. Still failing to create ini's and sometimes crashes, needs

changelog r146
*Found some discrepancies and an incorrect define in device_io.h which told ntfs to use low level
win32 disc operations rather than ppc

changelog r147
* Removed char ip as argument from _networkInit
* Added network deinitialization code to try fix online gaming.

changelog r148
* Removed fbi easter egg wait image
* Added direct launching (for use with Crap)
* Fixed small issue when writing titles.ini (with 4 ltr id's)
* Added option to specify waitmessage in the [GENERAL] section of theme.ini. This waitmessage will
only be used when LAUNCHING a game, not when starting Wiiflow (and no, that's not possible, since no
files have been loaded when showing that image!)

changelog r149
*More work on libntfs

changelog r150
Added WiiTDB downloading instead of titles.ini (yes, the progressbar is fake, because WiiTDB
doesn't send a Content-Length header)
* Added several language strings for downloading WiiTDB content

changelog r151
*More libntfs changes.

changelog r152
*Some more fixes, seems all scenario working but this needs fixed up soon.

changelog r153
* Added a zone for the buttons in the game screen. Zone is called GAME/ZONE, with buttons_x,
buttons_y, buttons_w and buttons_h as variables. All buttons in the screen are in that zone, making
it possible to totally empty the screen of buttons (nice for fanart)
* Added Alt-Dol+ (WDM files support). WDM files go by default in /wiiflow/codes/wdm, and they can
have 3 or 6 letter names (GAMEID.wdm)
* Added selection for Alt-Dol+ in the game menu. When you see a cover, you can choose which Alt-Dol
to use. This selection is remembered in the settings, and is only visible if the amount of options
for a game is more than 1. If there is only one option (like SSX Blur), then this will automatically
be applied (you don't have to choose it).
* Added new getInt method to config, which doesn't write the defaultValue to the file.

changelog r154
-tiny fix for WDM menu
-some changes to the gameinfo window (GameID issue and date is shown different depending on the country)

changelog r155
*Fail commit to save my work.
*Cleaned up the code some more, still dont see why there is issues with file writing, wbfs shet, and
freezing all of a sudden.... any help? I must be missing something.

changelog r156
*All tests confirmed working to write files if you set async_network=no and dont use network. Once
network is initted or a file is downloaded no further file writing works.
*Favories seem broken (at least on ntfs) ? is m_gcfg1 loaded when wdm is read out?

changelog r157
*Rename WBFS_FAT_ to WBFS_Ext_ as its more fitting since ntfs uses those functions also.
*Fix (hopefully) device mounting and saving of files.
*Changes fat usb mount from "usb:" to "fat:"
NOTE: If you dont change your paths in your wiiflow.ini manually to "fat:\" or "ntfs:\" or let
wiiflow recreate them it WILL crash if they have "usb:\"

changelog r158
*Finally think I have it working with both ntfs and fat on usb using the handle "usb:\"
*both ntfs and fat SD use "sd:\"

Only 1 partition may be mounted on sd and one on USB per session for file saving. Memory should not
be an issue.

*Favorites still seem broken... baffled.

changelog r159
Fixed animation for cheat label (used the animation from the button)
* Fixed a memory leak with WDM files
* Channels and games now both save their last started id
* Fixed writing to SD (the mount order is really important there, first try __io_wiisd, then
__io_sdhc). SDHC will also mount SD cards, but writes will be corrupted.
* Changed async network initialization to the libogc net_init_async call (THIS REQUIRES A LIBOGC
VERSION FROM SVN! Update libogc!)

changelog r160
*Fixed the last 2 remaining compiler warnings. (r-win: is the "s32 result" parameter needed in
_networkComplete for something yet to be completed? Left intact for now, I just dummied it out.)

changelog r161
*Fixed languages support for multiple ini files. Now if a language file is missing it will just
skip it.
*On initial setup, if language files are present, wiiflow will try and load the language file that
matches your wii settings.

changelog r162
Made a lot of changes in banner loading. Extracted banner loading functions to a seperate class.
* Possible fix of the playlog bug

changelog r163
-fixed if play_rec.dat is not found sometimes IOS_Open returned -106 (= File not found)

changelog r164
*Fix alt_dol+ to automatically use the first entry if there is only one entry in the wdm.
*Make alt_dol+ work when B+A is used to launch a game (works if its already set in the cfg which to
use, or if there is only one entry.)
*Add current wdm files to svn under /wii/wiiflow/codes/wdm
*Add JODI.png into boxcovers folder under /wii/wiiflow/boxcovers

changelog r165
*Fix switching partitions.
*Add new wdm and fixed some wdm files (thx NJ7)

changelog r166
*Stop /wiiflow folder from being created when custom paths are used.
*Add RPG.wdm
*Change file permissions on create dir in miniunz.c from 0775 to 0777 (windows saw this as read

changelog r167
* Changed *.sh files to have native end-of-line style
* Set executable bit to *.sh files
* All config files now use JODI for the HBC instead of it's strange ID
* Added option to enable/disable playlog writing (write_playlog in GENERAL in wiiflow.ini)
* Added thread to gcard registration. It seems that ncard sometimes let the loader "freeze". This
thread will be aborted after 3 seconds.

changelog r168
* Removed ncard as gamecard provider. The site failes to respond, leaving Wiiflow freezing
* Added some graphic blending mode to FreeTypeGX when drawing text in the menus
* Added Suspend Thread to gcard.c

changelog r169
* Added instant show to ButtonMgr for cheat pages
* Removed repeat from cheat pages to remain consistant with the general settings
* Removed animation from all buttons in cheat page to remain consistant

changelog r170
*beta 170 to update server
*fixed RPG.wdm
changelog r171
-proper Naming for WiiTDB Download Button/Label (GAME_TITLES is WIITDB_DOWNLOAD now and
-some small changes for Gameinfo
-fixed WDM showing if Zoomed in and scrolling to other game

changelog r172
*Add ability to exit to priiloader.
*Set STUBHAXX if it has somehow been overwritten by wiiflow or corrupted by priiloader or a
forwarder(mb fix the freeze on exit for some ppl?)
*Clean up some noob wpad flush/disconnect code.
*Remove unused code.

changelog r173
-tiny fix for cheat menu (hide Download Button after Download)

changelog r174
2 Buttons added, these were reused buttons from before so themes should only need to rename the
existing tags. (format OLD = NEW)

*Added button to toggle the "category_on_stop" option in settings.


*Added button to toggle "async_network" in settings.


*Fix a language bug in menu_download.cpp (dupe tag for diff strings)

4 New lang strings added (see the english.ini changes)

*Fix categories changes not saving when you boot a game.

changelog r175
*Only save ini's when they have changed.
*Made sure a file can't be attempted to be saved if it is not loaded first.

changelog r176
*Fix some missed m_changed resets
*Add ncard to channels launching

changelog r177
* Added sensitivity to the nunchuck magnitude (the farther you move, the faster it's gonna roll)
* Added wiimote gestures (rolling)

changelog r178
* Added option to enable wiimote gestures ("wiimote_gestures" in "GENERAL" section) on request of
Benjay and Kovani.

changelog r179
*Launch/list channels with base 57 fixed.
(unknown whether i broke anything, but some tests with all bases have shown proper name, id, banner
sound, and launching)

changelog r180

changelog r181
*beta181 (replaces beta180 due to a syntax error)

changelog r182
*Stop wiiflow form passing bad cmd line arguments.

changelog r183
* Updated dip plugin for Waninkoko and Hermes (thanks oggzee)
* Made changes to support Hermes v4.0, v5.0 and v5.1
* Added method for getting ios base
* Initial commit for wiimote rolling with a button


Also, the amount of frags is limited to 3500, instead of the 20.000 that cfg loader supports. Reason
is that with 3500 frags, fatffs can still be loaded.

changelog r184
Forgot odip_frag.c

changelog r185
* Fixed rev5 loading of dip and ehc module
* Removed extra check if wiitdb upgrade is required

changelog r186
*Some small changes.

*reverted menu.cpp for the mkdir stuff, seems files/folders arent getting created correctly somehow?

changelog r187
* Added dip sources for both opendip (Hermes) and dip (waninkoko) (thanks to oggzee and cfg-loader)
* Reverted menu.cpp

changelog r188
*Show returnto when ios base is 57.

changelog r189
*Fix crash after update.
*Speed up boot times some.

changelog r190
Fixes for global fanart options

changelog r191
*Fix crash when covers are corrupted. (hopefully)
*Add ability to delete cover/cache for individual games byt pressing 1+2 together when over the
cover "download" button in game specific settings.
*Changed the http header to say wiiflow 2.1 instead of 1.0.

changelog r192
* Fixed issue 319
* Changed setSelectedTextColor to setSelectedTextAlpha in preparation of the fix of fanart-title bug

changelog r193
*Took out %4 requirements for now, but themes should continue be updated for this spec (height and
width should both be divisible by 4 for all images).
*Uncomment the custom wait screen (my bad).
*Some fixes for missed ini changes in cheats.cpp. Still freezing tho and idk why.

changelog r194
*Fix DiscSet_USB failed error on ios 249-250

changelog r195
Fixed bug with fanart and titles. Titles of games wouldn't show anymore after fanart was used.

changelog r196
*Fix themes becoming empty after adjust coverflow.
*Speed up boot time
*Fix some error situations in cheat.cpp and stop it from unmount/mount devices when you click the
cheat button.
*Add r-win's tweak to make covers yet a bit more clearer.

changelog r197
*Banner looping on games that are designed to do so. (fix issue 67 )

changelog r198
*Looping is correct but is currently using blocking code. It is commented out until the sound is
*removed the ntfs case insensitivity as it was causing problems.

changelog r199

changelog r200
*Clean up the banner looping a little and fix the bug where non-looping banners would loop.

changelog r201
*Move mutex to a new class so it can be reused easily
*Some banner sound fixes.
*Network is broken atm
*French update..

changelog r202
* Removed debug code from fanarts and channels
* Changed ISFS_GetFile to return u8 * instead of u32 *
* Fixed network initialization problem from rev 201
* Change to bannersounds again. Only load the bannersound when you stop jogging
* Added locks to the sound loading functions, in order to prevent multiple sound loads at once (from
different threads)
* Updated French language again

changelog r203
*Fix damn banner bug issue with ppl who spam random directions too fast in game view.

changelo r204
*Fix themes not being able to set font color.

changelog r205
Adjusted userlabels in synopsis windows. Added overload to _addUserLabels.
changelog r206

changelog r207
*Make gestures able to be enabled/disabled again. "wiimote_gestures=true|false" in wiiflow.ini

changelog r208
*Fix a compile warning.
*Add some optional wdm files.

changelog 209
*Fix saving over files in ntfs, (thx dimok).
*May possibly fix loading mixed case files.

changelog r210
Damn, forgot to uncomment the fat mounting stuff from my testing.

changelog r211
*Add initial forwarder source to svn

changelog r212
*Forwarder changes only.
-If AHBPROT is not enabled, use 202 with mload
-Boot app and wiiflow main ios selection by button press.
If no boot time options are selected by button press within the allotted time, wiiflow will boot
into the ios that the boot.dol you have installed was compiled for.
Current forwarder options are:
B+Minus boots Priiloader instead of wiiflow
B+Home boots system menu instead of wiiflow
B+Plus boots HBC instead of wiiflow

B+Left loads wiiflow into ios222
B+Up loads wiiflow into ios223
B+Right loads wiiflow into ios224
B+Down loads wiiflow into ios250
B+A loads wiiflow into io249

NOTE: Launching priiloader from the forwarder seems to have issues and sometimes (usually) just
returns to the loader.

changelog r213
*fix a booboo in the forwarder and remove a compiler warning.

Yet another wad man... oops yet another forwarder commit. Should speed it up

Change from wiimc forwarder base source to one modified from wiixplorer. Some
ppl still have issues with ntfs that need ironed out.

*Change exit to hbc to use WII_LaunchTitle instead of magicword and exit(0)
since hbc stub is getting corrupted in either priiloader or wiiflow. No more
freezing on exit when launched by autoboot from priiloader or bootmii.

* Removed m_changed=true from testOptBool
* Renamed fanart global overrides (see wiiflowiki for the correct names)
* Changed some fanart textcolor related stuff (Miigotu)

Renamed all global fanart options (check for their names)
* Fixed global fanart options
* Solved issue 326 : Options scroll

*Fix some bugs in the forwarder and add a readme. Forwarder must be compiled with wiixplorer libogc
*Add missing file.
*Added small delay after usb startup to allow drive spinup.
*Stopped shutting down the usb interface on forwarder exit.

Changed forwarder makefile to not use portlibs (requested by Miigotu)
* Changed config.cpp to also support true, y and 1 with an optbool
* Fixed bug in fanart, where it would not hide covers
* Fixed issue 340
* Changed a lot of code with FAT/NTFS loading. The path to the file is now stored in memory, so
loading games and banners is a lot faster
* Changed loading the title of channels, since those where max 16 letters. Right now, a conversion
to multibyte is done, and a conversion to wide char is done afterwards. This conversion is required
to use less memory, but it might corrupt foreign characters. That's why we need testers to test

Dont shutdown the usb device and start it up before we try to mount it, just try and start it.
*Add a function to start the drive up sooner.

*Moved some png/ttf/wav files from the resources dir to data dir and removed the .c and .h files for
*Removed resources dir.

NOTE: we need the png's for the dvdskin.c, dvdskin_red.c, and dvdskin_black.c so we can move those
to the wffilow/data dir and remove wiiflow/source/data/ dir.

If we would rather use .c and .h files for the png/wav/ttf files, ALL of those files should be moved
to a resource folder and all of their .c and .h files need to be included in source/data. Doing
half one way and half the other way just seems unorganized to me.

*Move the images/fonts/sounds back where they were as they broke mounting of ntfs by being linked to
the wrong section of the executable.
*Some updates to libntfs (please make tests for files creation, writings, saving, and booting games
with single files bigger than .gb

Changelog v2.2
r222 alpha ( v.2.2)
*Public alpha
*Rewrite some documentation and clean up the wii folder.
*Remove outdated information.
Dalla rel.222 wiiflow è arrivato alla versione 2.2. Al momento è uscita solo le rev222, però da ora in poi i changelog delle versioni 2,2 beta verranno riportate qui

*Revert usb startup changes made in r220
*Only remount devices if !(WBFS_Available() || FS_USBAvailable()) on boot.
*Wait longer and remount devices if a HDD is not inserted right away.
*Dont try to mount device or reload ios a second time to mount device if it is not inserted.
*Fix games >4gb again.

*Why does something always go wrong AFTER i commit? Anyways this one doesnt freeze. and launches

Reverted to r219.

* Added download progress bar to cheats menu
* Made paging in all menus more relax by allowing the pages to cycle
* Fixed bug in Coverflow when a cover was deleted
* Updated libntfs
* Made some changes to disc mounting, please test this with slow and troublesome harddisks
* Added an optional second location for gameconfig.txt (/wiiflow/codes (or the txt_codes directory
in wiiflow.ini))
* Added ZIP support for wiiflow updates (Miigotu: test this!)
* Changed synopsis in the default theme to not scroll through the title anymore
* Fixed a bug in xml.c, where memory would be set to 0, even when allocation failes.
* Changed language file, added a single line for cheats downloading (cfgg23).

*Increase zip functionality in the updater, now updates meta.xml, icon.png, boot.dol, wdm files,
languages, or anything else we need to add to the update.
*Fix a bug where the gamelist got dumped every boot.
*Add a wiiflow.ini to make it easy when doing a fresh install to tell wiiflow where you want data
files created.
*Modify the beta and release scripts to make it easier to update the beta site.
*Update versions.txt
*Updated languages to current translations on the wiki

r228( alpha2)
*Fix updater bugs, still some small fixes to come.

*Remove and
*Makefile update and tidy-
- use make ios=249 etc.
-new option, make all

*Fix controls so that all Wiimotes can be on screan at one time with proper rumble.
*Wiimote IR will take priority over a GC pointer plugged as the same player #.
*GC will not rumble a wiimote now, and will rumble on the GC controller now.
*Fix a potential unzipping bug for updates

*Commit before i break it =P
*Change behavior of Prev/Next arrow buttons in the coverflow. A on the Prev/Next arrow will
Prev/Next page. B on the Prev/Next will go to the Prev/Next Letter.
*Button click sounds integrated into CButtonsMgr::selected so that .click() doesn't need to be
called separately.
*Old repeat code removed from the menu's and added BTN_A_REPEAT to the repeaters. (Fixed repeat on
buttons in the options/ coverflow editor)
*Rename all "wmaote" variables to "chan" as it is used for GC also.
*Fix "skipping" in coverflow scrolling.
*Clean up a lot of code in the menus and inputs and remove use and declaration of unnecessary

-Known issue: Cannot point and click to select a game that is not the main focus in coverflow.

*Fix game highlighting and selection when it is not the focused cover.
*Reverse the chan order so that player 1 gets preference (only the lowest number player's pointer
highlights covers and shows the title he is pointing)
*Remove strcat'd path from update download code and fix a bug i created with it anyways.

*Fix bug i created in adjust coverflow menu.
*Make buttons click when dpad is used in config menu's
*Fix ntsc tv's screen width.

Changed ogg player from tremor to vorbisidec
* Fixed bug where gamesound would continue playing after deleting a file
* Changed include pngu.h file in video.cpp

*More attempt at proper video mode support.
*Fix banner sounds not stopping/changing when switching games really fast and showing/hiding a game
superman fast.
*Lower the repeat delay for coverflow movement by 30%.
*Fix Page button behavior in game settings.

*Fix lan adapter support
*Fix widescreen width
*Fix Banner playing when using a nunchuck stick to move coverflow in game view.
*Fix banner sometimes playing 1 second of last selected game before it plays the right one.

* Patch for fanart, which should make global settings work (thanks to nosklo)
* Let's not draw buttons, labels and progressbars 4 times (it's ugly)
* Updated version number to 2.2

Fixed bug with reading wrong configuration file
* Fixed slow loading of HBC image (it didn't use a cache file)

--All of these fixes were required to fix the banner issues--
*Fix a bug in inputs repeater where a u8 was incremented beyond control, causing the repeater to
skip returning an input for one frame every 127 frames.
*Fix banner sounds so that banner is not extracted or exchanged unless it is completely ready and
*Fix controls in game screen so that directions cannot be switched once a banner has started
extracting until the process is complete.

*Increase repeate delay that I forgot to change last commit.
*Add ability to use a "custom_titles.ini" in the settings directory to override wiitdb titles.
*Some more tweaks to the game menu for sounds.

*Add parsing of any ios= argument from slot 1-253. Makefile will also build wiiflow for any slot
you choose by make ios=230 etc.
*Tweak game menu to not show alt-dol+ button for previously selected game while scrolling, unload
fanart when scrolling and set theme background
*Add r-win's patches to fix removing folder when removing a game (deletes all files in the folder!),
use wiitdb case color codes to color the game box edge, xml and wiitdb changes, im sure more.
*Change chinese language file to DL the right files from wiitdb
*Add a hide option to zones for themes. they can set buttons_hide=false (or whatever that zone's
identifier is) to disable the zone from hiding when no pointer is on the screen.
*Fix IOS minimum rev detection for alt ios.
-More i missed im sure.

Fixed bad, bad patch in 241.

* Fixed bug where pressing B in game settings on the place where the cover would be, would flip the
cover while returning to coverflow
* Added cios rev20 support by searching for all installed cios-es on the wii. This will also add
cios 202 to the list of possible cios-es, which is annoying. Have to find a good solution for that,
and no, removing 202 hardcoded is not a good solution. Anyway, this was requested in issue 269 .

* Moved cheat.cpp to menu/menu_cheat.cpp
* Added getStrings to config class, for getting a list of strings
* Added possibility for animated wait messages. Themers can add the following to their themes:
* Fixed issue 347 (Miigotu did that)
* Changed repeatDelay to 100, for a bit slower scrolling

Fix displayed installed base ios for base 56, (and other bases not yet released)
*Fix a bug in shadow_mload where mload_ver was always 0 and therefore never shadowed mload because
mk_mload_version was (and still is) never called.
*Make sure wait message thread cannot start again if it is already running.

*Move some pages in the menu's
*Rename menu_config3.cpp to menu_config_screen.cpp
*Rename menu_config5.cpp to menu_config7.cpp
*Rename menu_config2.cpp to menu_config3.cpp
*Change theme tags for CONFIG3/ to SCREEN/
*Change theme tags for CONFIG5/ to CONFIG7/
*Change theme tags for CONFIG2/ to CONFIG3/

*Remove unused code.

* Added DVD skin images
* Fixed small bug in waitmessage animation, where the animation would wait endlessly for a variable
which was never reset in the first place
* Added cios base + revision in the game settings window
* Added music fade-in/fade-out as described in issue 25 (thanks, shiv, for the initial patch)
* Fixed small bug in cheat menu, where the hooktype was retrieved from the wrong settings file

*Some tweaks to the music fading and _stopSounds.
*Call cleanup() instead of _stopsounds and only call it 1 time.
*Fix broken channels and base ios for some ppl.
*Fix theme tag for screen menu.
*Remove unused compiles folder
*Fix reversed alt ios selection.
*Some cleanup of code..

Dont block showing wait message until thread is complete if there is only one wait message.
*More fixes to music
*Lower g_repeat_delay back to 80, it doesnt help the issue and makes coverflow seem laggy if its
*Fix gameconfig.txt loading for brawl+, etc (hopefully)

* Fixed crash when no music files are found.

*Fix trailer playback
*Make trailers use voice 10 instead of 0
*Fade music in and out when viewing trailers

*Fix using case spine colors from wiiTDB
*Fix music sound setting in settings. Would go back to full volume after clicking a game before
*Code cleanup.

*Fixed issue 369 , It will wait forever until your HDD is ready, also reset button or home on any
wiimote or GC controller will exit.
*Fix wdm selection not showing after going into game settings.

r254 ( rel beta rilasciata ufficialmente)
Fixed bug where wrong titles where shown after WiiTDB upgrade.

*More fixes and speed/memory improvements for launching/reloading
*Code cleanup
*Patch to translate genre's in wiitdb (By r-win)
*new optional ini for swapping what id's download what cover(Useful for those channel forwarders) at
-under [CHANNELS] or [GAMES] oldid=newid where the newid is the id of the cover you want
downloaded for the oldid
-Easily you can take titlesdump.ini and create a newid.ini to customize covers download

*Attempt to fix the bugs in r255.
*Alot of changes in fs.c for mounting,
why does Mount_Devices() need called in the do loop in main.cpp if both devices are already

* Fixed synopsis scrolling
* Added cover colors on GAMEID back in
* Fixed translatable genres

*Cleanup btnmap.h
*Fix non-working coverflow movement delays
-TODO: make bool functions for determining the stick presses so that a for loop isnt needed in the

*Small boo-boo, couldnt b+a to launch a game

*Fix corrupted covers download with themes running. (isse 373)
*Flush Cover Cache when DLing anything to free up some much needed memory.

*Add a "Disabled" option to the "Exit To:" options list, which forces wiiflow to reload rather than
exit with the home button or icon.
*Fix a bug in parental code menu where "erase" was always shown and therefore the code could always
be erased, even if it was locked.

*Add DVD drive light blinking while animated wait screens are playing.
*Add portlibs directly to the source so they are always updated for each member in the team (and
*Fix incorrect file for spanish.ini

*Sorry tortoise svn ignored .a files.
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Re: USBloader WiiFlow - Changelog

Messaggioda wasabi » 1 dic 2010, 9:53

Dopo un lungo periodo senza release beta nè ufficiali ecco che il team wiiflow oggi ci ripropone qualcosa dinuovo.
Su google code siamo passati dall 'ultima 2.2r263 beta , direttamente alla r301 release candidate.

I link sono visibili solamente agli utenti registrati. Per favore registrati o effettua il login.

I link sono visibili solamente agli utenti registrati. Per favore registrati o effettua il login.

changelog dalla r264 alla r304

Committing the fix for freezing while music is playing, to make sure commit
works xD

Added animated Please Wait screen
* Changed HDD Wait screen (yes, close the poll :P)
* Moved animator methods to video class

*Fixed HDD wait images

* Changed buildtype, so changing ios only changes one file
* Fixed issue with cheats, when left and right buttons gave the click sound
* Fixed issue with cheats, where the game id was only visible after re-entering
the menu

remove forwarder source.

* Fixed small issue where the viewport would be adjusted to the TV settings, and
the wait message would be smaller halfway loading (was ugly!)

*Fix HDD wait screen.
*Add ability to set usb port at compile time (code for reloading ehc is there,
but is buggy, so it is disabled. It is set with use_port1= on line 45 of
*Hopefully fix wiimote sync issues. If not then we need more usleep between the
disconnect and init, as there is a bug in libogc where the thread queue is not
killed properly.

Small changes to force the script to recompile since last commit it failed.

*Add temporary ability to switch ports when HDD Wait screen is up. Hold B on a
wiimote or GCPad to switch ports and reload IOS.
*Change build script to accept port= argument (r-win) Change the makefile and
add the ability to use it in the source (Miigotu) "make ios=222 port=1"
*Add ability to pass port as an argument when launching the dol. "wiiload
boot.dol ios=222 port=0 SMNE01" will boot wiiflow in ios222, on port0, and
launch NSMBW.
*Move pad/wpad connect/disconnect into a set of functions. This way its easier
when we figure out the libogc bug to make extra calls if needed.
*Fix alt-dol+ loading when B+A is used to launch a game (r-win)
*Move alt-dol loading to before the ios reload. (r-win)
*Code cleanup

*Fix button repeats and clean up some messy inputs code (I wanna combine those
new functions later)
*Disable changing port at HDD Wait screen until its debugged since games wont
boot then.

Fix network hanging when a site is down and does not respond.
*Reloading ios to switch port works to select port for HDD and wpads have no
issues initializing with the new libogc. It is currently commented out since
games fail to load if a second reload happens...???

*Finally fix download hangs when a site is down.
*Fix non-blocking port commit from 274
*Make a static block to use in downloads so I can use it to help in cancelling
later. All download methods use this same block so it must be initialized to 0
before each use.

*Change from asynchronous socket options to synchronous socket options because
there was no correct/fast way to tell that the file download was complete, and
the setting of those options failed. This made multiple file downloads slow when
switching from one file to the next, because the ioctl used is synchronous.
Libogc needs some changes to make this work properly, possibly porting some
things from lwip.
*Left the timeouts for tcp receive and send, in case the read_message or
send_message hangs.

*Add some functions for FFS (unused)
*Use SAFE_FREE, SMART_FREE, and SAFE_CLOSE throughout the app to save some lines
and prevent any possible failures.
*Free some unfreed Smartbuf allocations that were not freed before.
*Code Cleanup and reformatting in many places.
*Free the textures when hiding wait messages and make the variable static.
*Fix bug where cache was always compressed for full covers regardless of ini
*More im sure, just needed to commit since my local copy was so changed.
*NOTE: Some more STextures may need their data member SMART_FREE'd, as they are
SmartBuf's and those are not threadsafe nor automatically freed on destruction
or copy.

*Fixes from r-win to add more cover urls, fix channel names for
custom_titles.ini in menu page 4, and hopefully fix the alt dol/wdm issue.
*Code cleanup, reformatting and tighten up scoping for tons of variables and,
more importantly Smart buffers so that they stay in memory less time. Still
TONS to go.

Fix banner bug.
*Remove some SMART_FREE calls and a few line reformats.

*Fix channel cover download.
*Fix bug with newid.init
*Add wait messages when switch coverflow view from channel-game or back.

**Fix fanart bug in text.cpp where the static int currentStr had no initial
*Clean up some more code and fix potential issue where wiiflow would not exit to
the setting you made since it was not flushed AFTER setting the memory. Uses a
Write32 macro for setting the magic word now.
*Noticed a possible issue that cache files may not be used, but did not look
into it further, can someone rename a wfc file to a different id and see if the
game with that new id shows the that wfc for its cover?

/me hates fail commits, tortoise didnt commit this one? this is the fanart fix.

Add homebrew coverflow and launching (disabled for now)
*Some code cleanup
*make the call to Close_Inputs() in ios reload conditional on launch_game
*remove mk_mload_version which is totally unused.
*Clean up makefile and add ability to link dol/elf files.

*I always do that...

Fixed louder button click in settings
* Fixed alt-ios again

Fix missed click changed in 2 files.
*Code formatting in sound.cpp

*Change out my homebrew booter code for dinok's from wiixplorer (almost
identical, just more organized)
*Reboot wiiflow after update instead of exit, unzip is still failing on update
*Change stopPicLoader() in m_cf.cleanup to free the cover textures' data, mb the
m_cf.cleanup() should have a parameter to decide this?
*Homebrew launcher works for most things, fails on wiimc, miiplayer, and wanin
cios installers (so far as i know), the issue with wanin cios installers is
dollz3 compression.

-To enable homebrew mode: under 2 calls of "case COVERFLOW_CHANNEL:" uncomment; and comment;

Fixed issue where cheats would be shared for multiple games.

*Fix playlog bug

*Add some new folders to organize the source some more
*Move files into those folders and modify the makefile and include line in files
for those moved files
*Add unused safe_vector class (std::vector wrapper)
*Add makefiles for libntfs and libfat

*Compiled libfat and libntfs and installed them as portlibs, moved sources of
them to portlibs/sources
*Moved libwbfs back into source/loader
*Update makefile
*Update include lines in a few files for libwbfs

Dunno why svn delete fails sometimes...

Add safe_vector class to wrap std:vector to help in resizing and clearing
vector memory.
*Replace all std:vector calls with safe_vector
*I need to test some comparisons with gprintf, .size() returns elms and capacity
returns elms*sizeof(elms)? Because that is how i have it according to the

Fix svn properties (r-win) i knew nothing about those xD

* Fixed issues with synopsis, I hope.
* Added theme feature, where elements can get a elmStyle property, with the same
arguments as style. This property defines the alignment of the item, and thus to
what the properties relate to. So with R as property value, the x values will be
measured from the right. This probably breaks animation, so I need tests for
this. The property is valid on elements (like buttons, labels, progressbars,
etc.) and on their hide animations.

Weak attempt to try and fix beta issues #5 and #8.

Log message
*Temporary fix for needing alt ios for Black ops until i fix it permanantly in
libogc. (If main ios is base 57, just use that ios)
*May fix hdd not found issues and wiimote connection issues as its the ios58
crap that got put into lbte and logc (usbstorage.c and usb.c)
*Also may help network issues since that is also on bluetooth

*Add USB_Deinitialize() fix, called when booting anything or reloading ios,
fixes black ops without a modified libogc, possibly fixes wiimote sync troubles,
HDD mounting troubles, and network init troubles.
*Remove modded libogc
*Added an experimental "grab" movement for coverflow, hold b in main view and
drag the pointer to move the coverflow, needs improved if its staying. New ini
setting for this is "use_grab=yes|no" defaults to false/no.
*Prevented SSoundeffect from ever using voice 0 or 10, as OGG/MP3 uses voice 0
static and WiiMovie uses voice 10 static. This is to prevent possible clashes if
an SSoundeffect happened to already be using voice 0 or 10 when music or trailer
tried to play.
*Attempt to tweak the wait message code to make it more reliable, noted that if
the wait message is disabled completely, the freezes still occur.

Fix bug where wiimotes wouldnt connect if hdd wasnt detected right away
*Enable automatically switching HDD port detection, and add some retries for
wanin also before showing hdd wait screen
*Tweak button handling for benjay's request
Changing the cuurent view will now not hide/show the main buttons, and makes the
button replacements instantly behind the wait screen. Favorites button replaces
without hide animation also now.
*Really commented out the channelsdump.ini and gamesdump.ini stuff this time.
*Add a _waitForGameSoundExtract call in _mainLoopCommon in attempt to help with
game view freezing.
*Make the main buttons have no animation when hiding or showing when the wait
screen is up

<Hopefully this makes everyones devices mount alot better and helps with wiimote

Add ability to exit to bootmii IOS, (must have sd inserted with the bootmii
folder, if it is missing, it will go back to hbc instead)
*Add exit options for the home button and "house"/exit icon: (menu_main.cpp)
On the house icon:

Not on the the House Icon:

*Fix lag entring game view and switching game to game in gameview from last rev.
*Fix double click sound on usb/channel button from last rev. (menu_main.cpp)
*Change the wait message draw method to use: (video.cpp)
setup2DProjection(false, true);
Instead of:
setup2DProjection(false, true);

*Make sure if a push_back fails inadding buttons/labels/progress bars it does
not return the value of the last successful pushback, which would make one
button overwrite the other. (video.cpp)

*Let dip load on wanin rev17, as rev17 has been reported to work... will this
break it? pls test.

2.2 r301Candidate release
Updated languages and meta xml.

Tagged release candidate

Make the initial press of trying to hold 1 or 2 for exit options on the exit icon not change the
selected coverflow mode.
*Grant feature request in issue 416 (was too simple.)

*Fix the wait screen jiitter.
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Re: USBloader WiiFlow - Changelog

Messaggioda wasabi » 2 dic 2010, 9:34

La r 304 di wiiflow diventa una candidate release , ed il team la rilascia insieme ad un pacchetto contenente 11 temi tra cui i nuovi orchid, black & white e Chriistamas

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Re: USBloader WiiFlow - Changelog

Messaggioda wasabi » 26 dic 2010, 15:47

wiiflow . revision 304: revision 304- candidate release 1:

Fixed video glitches
recompiled with different libogc

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Re: USBloader WiiFlow - Changelog

Messaggioda wasabi » 18 giu 2011, 23:27


Full support for d2x cios. DO NOT FORGET TO DELETE YOUR GAMECONFIG FILES IN /wiiflow/settings! AND WDM FILES IN /wiiflow/codes/wdm!
Note: These dols are less tested than previous betas, but may very well be more stable than the most recent releases.

The entire sound handling has been changed/rewritten and things seem to freeze up alot less. If you like wiiflow and

hope for its development to be continued, send Miigotu some cigarette money using the links above....r-win doesn't smoke...

Also, don't buy sony!



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Re: USBloader WiiFlow - Changelog

Messaggioda wasabi » 27 giu 2011, 8:56

changelog dalla r356 alla r 369

* Cache fixes: - Fixed loading/saving cache - On startup the game folder is scanned for changes from outside wiiflow and cache will be rebuilded if necessary * Fixed "return to" function for pop

* Added WiiTDB and ZipFile classes by dimok (thanx) * Added callback to find a title of an installed game instead of reading the first bytes from disc. Should speed up first time loading * Changed WiiTDB implementation

[No log message]

* Fixed issue only recognizing one game on a wbfs partition * Temporarily disabled callback to get custom names/id's from titles.ini. It caused a lot of other issue (no titles in cover view, corrupted titles, sort problems)

Fixed typo in WiiTDB.cpp (sorry)

Looking up base IOS fixed by xabby666 (thanx).

* Updated source to use libogc 1.8.7 (YOU SHOULD ALL UPDATE LIBOGC NOW) * Changed titles.ini and custom_titles.ini to a DEFINE in defines.h * Removed iosDestroyHeap, since tantric says we can't use it anymore - Beautified mload.c

Missed a diropen, changed it to opendir.

* Compiled portlibs with r23 * Added fatfile_frag.h header to frag.c

* Fixed a bug with the new opendir, readdir, closedir stuff (S_ISDIR cannot be used anymore). * Fixed compile warnings in list.cpp

* Added another scan to the cache to speed up loading for users with invalid entries * Replaced callback. Cache now uses new WiiTDB code for getting titles * Some minnor fixes

Goodbye titles.ini
- Title and case color info are all stored in cache and discHdr
- Titles.ini isn't used anymore

* Updated Makefile to always include alt_ios_gen.c
* Changed default font to DejaVu (Russian glyphs are removed for now!)
* Changed list to include a lookup in custom_titles
* Fixed problem with gamesound when exiting submenus like synopsis or settings

*Fixed a small bug that forced a cache update on every launch
* Added lost code for custom titles and wiitdb titles for wbfs partition users
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Re: USBloader WiiFlow - Changelog

Messaggioda wasabi » 4 lug 2011, 10:54

changelog dalla r370 alla r375

Updated FAT/NTFS/WBFS for 4k sectors (thanks dimok and oggzee)

Fixed sector size in devicemounter, which made an assumption (thnx Miigotu, for
the hint

Don't walk the directory to verify the cache, stat'ing mass files it becomes
slower and slower with more files.

*Fix gameid in synopsis (r-win)

*Only load wiiTDB when we need to, the instance being open all of the time
creates memory problems since we are near the wall.

*Give wait message thread it's own smartbuff'd stack, which is freed once the
thread is done and is now joined. Also made it static. Cleared m_waitMessages in
the hide method instead of the show method to free the memory when its not
showing. (time-memory tradeoff)

*Removed the u32* count stuff from the cache, use m_gamelist.size() or whatever
the tag is instead. gotta love vectors.

*Disabled caching of music file paths since sizeof(std::string) doesn't know the
length of the string which caused alot of pooping (thx r-win for finding my

*Clean up switch partition and language switch code in the menu

*Update the cache when switching language (to get the correct title language)

*Leave 1MB more unallocated space in mem1. TODO: Verify it helps and that it is
still necessary.

*Some cleanup.

Added back more character sets in the DejaVu fonts, including cyrillic and

*Fixed _picloader threading and renamed it to _coverLoader, renamed
stop/startPicLoader to stopCoverLoader and startCoverLoader

*Seems to fix crash when booting a game too quickly after playing game sound.

*Seems to fix bug where _picloader would not end on exitting/booting a game
given the perfect timing to screw it up.

*b+reload still hanging on blitting wait screen after 3 reloads, looking
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Re: USBloader WiiFlow - Changelog

Messaggioda wasabi » 10 lug 2011, 15:08

changelog dalla r376 alla r379

*Use GX mem2.cpp
*Remove source/data/
*Move images, sounds, and fonts from resources to trunk/data
*Change makefile to use bin2s on most normal file types
*Remove rvl.ld and that stupid .cdat section
*Cover_* memory functions all now use malloc, which will allocate into mem2
automatically if >0x40 in size, can do something later if this isn't acceptable.
*No need for different freeing functions based on srccall in smartbuf, free
finds the right call to make based on pointer address.
*Some thread or somehting still freezes on 3rd b+reload, leaving the wait screen
scrolling. Orphan?

* Use the default Wii font instead of a custom font. The font is extracted from
the NAND at runtime (thank you, giantpune, for your help with the hashes and the
filenames, etc.)
* Extract u8 archive methods to seperate file
* Added support for watchdog in d2x v7 alpha 2 (thnx daveboal)
* Fixed a small bug in coverflow and threading (Miigotu)
* Added font weight to FreeTypeGX and themes (_weight setting)
* Added support for multiple font faces in a font file (needed for the wii font)
* Borked Wii Movie (should be fixed later, don't use it for now)
* Prevent WDM to be loaded if on d2x
* Cleanup more resources before IOS Reloading (should fix dump when using ios
* Added more checks in soundhandling (null buffers, etc.)
* Removed threading from gamercard functionality (untested atm)

Fix build error on CI server.

*Force cache update when installing or removing a game from inside wiiflow.

*Add-on to r-win's change in gui_sound.cpp so that null allocations don't happen
with LZ77 compressed sounds as well.
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Re: USBloader WiiFlow - Changelog

Messaggioda wasabi » 14 lug 2011, 10:49

changelog dalla r380 alla r383

*Fix crash with fonts in themes and got rid og more oldschool font code.

*Known bug: Font sizes need adjusted either by using a multiplier in the code or
updating default and themes values. They are SUPER tiny. Also, will set the
font sizes, spacing, and weights to defines in defines.h for default theme

*Fix themes custom sounds not playing partially, they still crackle and pop
sometimes and skip. will work on it tomorrow if r-win doesnt beat me to it xD.

*Trim more fat from the memory manager
*Get rid of SAFE_FREE and just fixed the wrapped free to set the pointer back to
null after freed.
*Add free memory debugging label, uncomment line 3 of menu.h.

*Slightly Unstable and slow seemingly. Need to fix the gamesound thread and add
a callback to each thread and check if they are finished each mainloop before
joining, its causing blocks.

*Fix loading of fonts for the most part.

*Changed all free calls back to SMART_FREE
*Added MEM2_SMART_FREE to prevent some more dangling pointers.

*Change gamesound thread implemetation and now it get joined with a non-blocking
approach. Also updated waitThread to operate the same way. Other threads
should follow this same setup imho.

NOTE: Still losing ~300K / CF item in mem2. And, is my mem1 freesize check
wrong? never changes here.
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Re: USBloader WiiFlow - Changelog

Messaggioda wasabi » 15 lug 2011, 12:11

changelog dalla r384 alla r388

*Fixed memory leak caused by dereferencing the allocated sound in gui_sound
(game sounds).
*Got rid of unneeded temp game sound instance, the sound handler handles it
*Allow RIFF banners to play

*Add m_gamesound_changed to make sure a banner isnt started twice (once its done
playing it would restart before). Fixes banners looping that shouldn't.
*Change thread ending methods and checks to allow forcing join and freeing the
threads. Gets rid of do{x()}while(y == z;);

Fix sounds not loading when changing themes or reloading wiiflow. Still seems
there is a leak when rebooting wiiflow somewhere tho.

oops, broke banners trying to fix theme sounds -.- FIXED


*More fonts and sounds cleanup. Almost everything is cached and reused now.
Need to add flip and cancel sounds for best results in default theme. Also
should consider changing default select and hover sounds.
*Now uses btn hover and click for coverflow hover and click.
*CF fonts and sounds reuse ones loaded in SThemeData &theme.fontSet and
.soundSet now

*Cache default sounds and fonts also.

NOTE: Still cracking in cf flipsound, even though i have it at 4 instances using
4 voices. Seriously need to find that issue.
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